Restorative Justice (RJ Circle)


What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a framework that is best known for its ability to empower communities in taking an active role in discussing and resolving its own problems, while traditional punitive models of discipline have been proven to create environments of mistrust and misunderstanding spurred by the use of reward, punishment, shame, humiliation, suspension, and expulsion. This antiquated punitive system has funnelled many children from our communities into the prison industrial system. Therefore, Islah Academy understands the importance of disrupting unjust systems that have been reinforced in our local schools.

RJ at Islah Academy

Islah Academy prides itself on being one of the only schools in Los Angeles that has intentionally created a foundation of Restorative Justice within its school culture and pedagogy. Our intentions at Islah is to support our families with training and tools to implement healthy communication, relationships and community.