Why do we need Islah Academy?

Over the last two decades, the South Los Angeles Muslim Community has lost nearly two generations of Muslim youth to the destructive elements of the inner-city.

Unfortunately, our youth are introduced to these depravities while attending Los Angeles’ public schools. Urban public schools have failed in providing a safe educational environment conducive for the development of our Muslim Youth.

Therefore, Islah Academy was established to accommodate the Muslim Youth and develop leaders for tomorrow. Invest in the future of our youth. Donate today....

We do not turn away any child due to lack of financial resources.

Many of our students require financial assistance in order to cover their tuition costs. Without the generous donations of the community, we will not be able to cover the expenses of the school, and students will be forced to attend other public schools in the area, many of which rank among the worst in the state. Many do not feel safe at these schools, and they will not receive the individual attention and Islamic guidance they need to prepare them for a successful life. Please donate to help our Muslim children cover tuition and have a safe Islamic learning environment to prepare them for their futures.