Give Muslim Children a Future!

Muslim children in the Inner City of South LA are suffering from a broken public school system with low academic standards which leads many towards violence and incarceration.

Islah Academy gives these Muslim children a chance.

Become an Islah Academy donor: 

 It provides them with a safe, Islamic learning environment, run by Muslim educators from the local community, where they are held to high academic standards and given the confidence to pursue higher education. The school is run and taught by Muslims from the community who truly care about the children. The students are given a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge and principles to give them a foundation for success for the rest of their lives.

However, most of these children need assistance paying the tuition which covers the costs of our teachers and school. Therefore, we rely almost completely upon the donations and support of the Muslim community to sustain Islah Academy.

You will be sustaining a school which is providing a future for these children and for Islam in the Inner City.  These donations are Zakat eligible, as they are covering tuition for students who cannot afford it. We commonly ask for $50 per month, but please give whatever you can, whether it be more or less. Click the donate link to become a monthly donor and ensure Islah Academy can continue to change the lives of Muslim children in the South LA Inner City. May Allah bless you all.