The South LA Inner City is home to the worst public school system in the state. Many Muslim children have had their lives destroyed by being forced down the school-to-prison pipeline. For this reason, we have created Islah Academy.

Islah Academy is a full-time K-8 school which gives children a safe and Islamic learning environment. Students receive a strong and culturally relevant academic education while also learning Arabic and Islamic Studies from certified scholars such as Dr. Jihad Saafir. They are given a foundation that will help them break the generational cycle of poverty in the Inner City, and become future Muslim leaders of our community. However, these students need your help to pay enough tuition that we can sustain the school. With our current student body of 60 students, Islah Academy needs at least $650 in tuition per student in order to cover expenses and teachers' wages. However, our students can only afford to pay an average of $250 in tuition per month. Please become a monthly donor to help us support these Muslim children in need.

Islah Academy is a registered 501c3. Your donations are both tax deductible and Zakat eligible, as you will be covering educational costs for Muslim children in need. These donations will go directly to a Zakat account which will be used to cover the tuition costs of Muslim students. Insha'Allah, your donation will change the lives of these young students, and all their future good deeds will become a source of Sadaqa Jariyah for you and your family. Jazakallah Khair for your support!